Index Carminum

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Tattoo [ink]
Through a Night [noughttime]
Affine Transformation [prolate]
Tin Roof Rusted [horning]
Not of Western Flair [Notus]
Lunar Eclipse [silhouette]
Plastic Bark [neuston]
Thirsting /alicia ostriker/ [percolating]
A Red Cent [centum]
Underbelly /nicole homer/ [keloid]
Brand-Name Snacker [shoveling]
Highwire [squirrel]
Thálatta! Thálatta! [sea]
Charlie Kane /herman ruby/ [union]
Yukon 1897: Price of Gold [after Jack London] /john briggs/ [snowfields] [crown]
This Many Dots [. . . .][tetractys]
On the Board [claret]
Catnap [insectivore]
Antarctic Forest [model]
Spiral of the Potato Moon [Phobos]
Václav Levý [Heads]
Earth Day [23 April 2020] [activism]
Sad Boy [Lola]
Fallout [unholy]
The Struggle [Serengeti]
Beacons in the Galaxy [greetings]
Fatou [beertab]
Mercuries [hydrargyrum]
Pink Moon [phlox]
Ghost Flower [Gasteranthus]
Stroud: Africa to America [mural]
Tower [SQUALL!]
Michelangelo’s David [contrapposto]
The Lam [flight]
Darwin Notes [freebooter]
By the Numbers [Walpurgisnacht]
No. 492 [Tanzania]
Violet [Sasha]
Ethanol in Adel [Puddleville]
Ode for a Cockroach [Blatteria]
Civilization, the Early Years [bullroar]
Helion [impact]
Death, Birth, Milestones, Declining Years: Sinn Blwch Rappel [Synesthete]
Embryo [wormlike]
Infinity [peanut]
Photons [bagatelle]
No. 42 [answer]
The Alpinist [climb]
Brought to You by the Letter Q [qwerty]
Elevator [portal]
The 6888th [recognition]
meddling [closets]
The Same Told of All [existentiality]
Undersea [fish]
Obscurus [lampshade]
Pi [random]
On the Bembo Semicolon [Aetna]
Semicolon [mark]
Sequential Existence [tick-tock]
Pinnaped [sclergleblorp!]
Base-10 [digits]
Discorison [Beatles]
Knox Psalm 119 [decrees]
eLeMeNtal [stoicheia]
Regular Hexahedron [quadrate]
Wind Picking Up [revelation]
Salting the Plow [chant]
The Five Elements [wuxing]
Walking [not]
A Post Trophy [apostrophe]
The Ocean in the Shell [1.618]
At the Milky Way’s Heart [crisscross]
Gee, Love [gLove]
Fairies [midsummer]
Tréyes [triangle]
Cleans the air. [mucosa]
Adagio Assai from Piano Concerto in G [Ravel]
Morning Song Upset [interruption]
Linus & Lucy [snowflakes]
Indwelling [spirit]
Queen [mercury]
Pituitary [hypophysis]
Content [resonance]
All of the Ants [caldera]
Sol [daystar]
Parker Solar Probe [corona]
The Right Stuff in a Single Breath [astronauts]
DNA [deoxyribonucleic]
Subfusc [crepuscule]
Zenith []
Upset [climate]
Rhinoceros [keratin]
‘You Say It’s Your Birthday’ [junket]
Studded Radula [chiton]
Giraffe [ossicone]
Gemowe [equals]
Key 10138 [gemstone]
Nested Numbers [complex]
Fishbowl [watershed]
Cosmic Plato |Niner| [geometry]
Within a Half Mandorla [polygon]
God [an equilateral triangle ?] [she]
Polar Bear: Cute as a Ruse [triangle]
Manhattanhenge [alignment]
Tic Marks of Einstein [gravity]
Cellophane Tape [adherend]
Sanguine Moon [eclipse]
Good Day [etiquette]
LCRT [Arecibo]
But I Digest [canal]
Spoiler Alert: “The Masks” Closing Narration [twilight]
Order by Storm [Zeus]
Binary [barycenter]
5b Fall Out [debris]
Chimanimani Park [Sans]
Haughty Ballroom [flamingoes]
May t/ 4th B w/ U [force]
Math Reason [reality]
Flannery [O’Connor]
No 9 [revolution]
Rostrum [beak]
Diagnosis [alive]
Languishing [blah]
420 [holiday]
Yellowball [toddler]
Phosphorus Unlocked [prebiotic]
Containers Over Keel / Canal [Suez]
What’s the Matter? [bullets]
Black-Browed Babbler [hugger-mugger]
The Fence [bovine]
Avena sativa [oats]
Oatmeal [horse]
Emily [the Brontë Stones poems] [Bush]
Leibniz [something]
All Good Children [heaven]
Sleep on This [crack]
Dance [cadenza]
A Circus [sawdust]
Wrinkles in SpaceTime [cartography]
The Religious Pamphlet [Chattanooga]
Perihelion [hearts]
[Bicycle Built for Two] [heuristically-programmed algorithmic computer]
Green Flash [scattering]
law unto himself [anarchy]
Janus [demarcation]
Baja Sea Lion [aquaface]
Time Ball | 2020 [fall]
Metronomes [beatle]
Downtime Interruption [trolls]
Lead in gOld [alchemy]
Out of the Loop [escape]
In with the New [champagne]
The Bucket [shell]
Ox [box]
New Year’s Resolution [none]
Herman Jacob Mankiewicz [white]
Christmas Kids [joyful]
Take a Deep Breath [sighing]
Only Reality [now]
Pyritt’s /May 2020/ [mask]
life sucks [dickatude]
tamale [packet]
Shadow Clock [gnomen]
Conjunctionmas [elliptical]
Preposition Proposition [with]
Patrol [roach]
Milky Way [glitter]
Ugly Sweater [brrr-ing]
Lines [crisscross]
*The Door and Change [molecules]
Midwinter [oblique]
Feet First [death]
icy hand [feet]
Ornament [winter]
incorporeal entrance [music]
Barr [grumpy]
Kwanzaa [“a”]
Elephour [infrasound]
A Plague Upon Them [powerfool]
Beguiling Smile [gato]
Festival of Lights [temple]
Illuminated Stone [Pantone]
On the Margin [bullfrog]
Arecibo [icon]
Standing [still]
Biography [flux]
Record Atlantic Hurricane Season [numbskulls]
Frosted Moon [frame]
*5 things –CNN– Friday 11.27.20 [gimmick]
Ocmulgee Eagle [glides]
Runoff [flip]
Delusion [motorcycle]
Thanksgiving [horn]
Polliwog [metamorphosis]
Strutter [Tom]
Raccoon [dog]
The Bone Lady [divines]
Tiger’s Twelfth in Ten [drop]
Blocks of Text [vials]
Supernova [foundry]
The Racket [Dodge]
In Maine [mane]
Behind the Seams [eights]
Millipede [gnathochilarium]
Halloween Snack [micro]
Jellyfish [stoma]
Mule [art]
Rainbow [radiant]
The Early Years [night-sea]
Zeppelin [shifting]
In between on Halloween [masquerade]
Workplace Drama [schoolery]
Beaver [slaps]
Loop Trail Small [unfrequented]
Andromeda [blueshifted]
Spaghettification [bell-jar]
Death Ship [growling]
As Shoals [amoebic]
Timber Wolf [hymn]
Under the Arc [analemma]
Until Then . . . [eleven]
Wine-Dark Wasteland [abyss]
Knock Knock [orange]
Armadillo [rakes]
On the Borders of Purpose [Durant]
Slothbot [folivora]
Plume [haboob]
Watertown [railroad]
After the Allemande [Bacchus]