My self was born at XVII: XLII hours, Dies Lunae, XI.V.MCMLXIV at Latitude: 33-17’40” N Longitude:  083-57’58” W:  Jackson is in Butts County [as per the distaff of the Moirai], Georgia at an elevation of 705 feet; state of canorous brown thrashers [Toxostoma rufum], chorusing green tree frogs [Hyla cinerea] and invasive Cherokee roses [Rosa laevigata].  Retired: United States Air Force.  Divorcéd.  Ephemeris heavily populated by Taurus: Sol, Luna, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter—my son and daughter say—I like old things—classics, I counter.  Interests: poetry, reading, golf, billiards, chess, formatting documents, databases, classical music; [a pattern forms,] Shakespeare, Joyce, Jung;  maybe, I was born old.  |English major still tantalized by math|.

bLog commenced to serve as a platform for whatever occurs to me in time—a particular point plotted on the complex plane—to be aesthetically pleasing for the edification of the so inclined, or for rejection by the briefly curious.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].