camel wearing a leo-pard
stretched out to look quite bizarre,
with seven drawn-out cervical bones
topped with tasseled ossicones.
Coated cream with orange blotches,
dappled shade that camouflages;
lone the pattern each ungulate,
windows that thermoregulate.
Gallops like a lanky wreck
and combats with a swaying neck,
with blackened tongue prehensile
and a fly-swatting, tuftéd tail.

*[ WSB ].



Howbeit, for easie alteration of equations. I will propounde a fewe exanples, bicause the extraction of their rootes, maie the more aptly bee wroughte. And to avoide the tediouse repetition of these woordes : is equalle to : I will sette as I doe often in woorke use, a pair of paralleles, or Gemowe lines of one lengthe, thus: =, bicause noe .2. thynges, can be moare equalle.


Recorde Robert — Robert Recorde

Key 10138


01+ carats colored D
bought with cryptocurrency;
only $12.3 million to own
this second largest pear-shaped gemstone.

*[ WSB ].

Nested Numbers


ll numerals are complex,
even (or odd) the given set
first counted: {fingers and toes},
the fabled bits wiped by zero,
that singly creates the wholes
from the naturals nested,
[all of these labels mounting]
integers periodic
when the number line unrolls
for fractional rationals or
implacable irrationals,
real in a complete ordered field.
Imagining despite Descartes
circles back round to the start.

*[ WSB ].



he middle name
faint and saintly:
the other ostracized
on a higher plane
feeling lower,
lashing with banter.

plaid prep to peach
eyeshadow and cherry
soda; firework
dreams didgeridoo,
a new life connected—
goldfish watershed.

*[ WSB ].

Cosmic Plato |Niner|

platonic solids

tabbing heat of the tetrahedron,
the stars blaze. Tessellation of ground,
the hexahedron squares against water’s
icosahedral flow. The Wind’s round
cheeks blow miniscule octahedrons
across the compass rose. Beyond the
lapis vault, the constellations rest
in dodecahedrons of darkness.
All is protracted geometry.

*[ WSB ].

God [an equilateral triangle ?]


ahweh was a war god;
now she turns the other cheek.

The equilateral triangle:
Sophia + Yahweh,
Logos [the Big Bang]—
perichoresis: dance of the ages.

The problem of the fourth:
shadow; or fifth:
wasn’t Chaos always there ?
Okay then: a diamond in the rough !


*[ WSB ].

Polar Bear: Cute as a Ruse

Polar Bear

riangle bear
with invisible hair
will calmly bite off your hand if it’s there.

Ursus maritimus
can sniff you out a mile in the distance:

stealthy as smoke,
swims for days, clawing strokes—
just don’t expect them to be drinking a Coke.

*[ WSB ].