*YouTube Reaction | Ashleigh Burton: “2001”


I     ain’t about to drink peas.
Ashleigh contains multitudes.

Just a black screen,
the [Music] makes me nervous.
Magnificent, the planets and the sun.
The Dawn of Man;
too quiet; I don’t like it.
Oh my God, are those ant eaters?
I just don’t feel like they’re real:
never seen one.

That reaction is appropriate: touch it—
what’s the worst that can happen?

So thus, the first tool was made: a hammer,
tool and weapon;
that’s why the anteaters are falling over dead.
Kill, beat his ass: survival of the fittest—
the internal monologue.

Cohesive notes in harmony,
the offices from all angles—
a beautiful little landing dance.
You are cleared through voice print identification
we have face ID.

Oh my God! I love those chairs!

I’m sorry sweetheart but I can’t.
Why not?
Daddy is in outer space.
What is a bush baby?
I’m just on my way up to Clavius,
and I definitely know what they’re talking about.

Why wear these ridiculous looking caps
and not find some extra-hold hairspray?

The astronaut suits in this movie look like HVAC pipe.
I never thought I’d be scared of a metal slab
jabbed in the ground.

To be a singer for this soundtrack, could you imagine
just going in a booth, and the director saying:
moan—like a lament.

Getting a workout sideways.
I don’t like a computer saying they’re conscious.
Do you believe that Hal has genuine emotions?
Good question.
Of course, he’s programmed that way
to make it easier for us to talk to him.
Why is this starting to really stress me out?

O listen! If the smartest computer is worried about it,
I’m worried about it.
Concerned that the computer was faking genuine concern,
and I fell for it.

I would not survive a long-term space mission,
or a short-term one for that matter.
The close-up of the little red dot of HAL really stresses me out.
It’s puzzling.
Running cross-checking routines to determine reliability of this conclusion;
Hal caught in a lie.

I wish I’d known there is an intermission.

Stop looking at me, I feel the red eyeball on me.
If Hal’s in charge of keeping those people hibernated,
there’s nothing stopping him from killing all three of those people;

I could never exist in silence.

Open the pod bay doors please HAL
You don’t really have remorse.
Will you stop Dave?
Why is this so unsettling to me.
I’m afraid.
No you’re not, you can’t feel emotions.
No it’s not Dave, you gotta focus,
you gotta focus.
I can feel it
good I hope it hurts.
Oh my God, HAL saying I can feel it over and over again.
And he taught me to sing a song;
No thanks, don’t want to hear it,
sorry no.

Good day gentlemen.
Whose voice is that?
Four million year old black monolith
deliberately buried neath the lunar surface
. . .
[Music] Only have 30 more minutes left;
everybody’s dead except Dave;
he just found out that he’s headed to life on Jupiter
to find out why this monolith is monolithing.

I guess just because he’s the smartest computer;
he didn’t want human error to ruin the mission;
he trusted himself more than he trusted his teammates;
you know, I get that.

Cuts back to Bowman,
I just want to stay on the lights.
I don’t like his face being scared.
Oh this one’s nice: this is what it feels like the inside of a lava lamp.
The Kubrick stare: through the eyebrows;
Jack Nicholson did it in The Shining;
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday.

How the hell you end up in this room?
what makes this movie so unsettling?
Not in a scary way, uncomfortable.
The monolith, the blackness.
Black rectangle, then symbolically the big bang,
and the monkeys, pre-human,
and then BOOM, monolith.
And then the discovery of weapons,
and then BOOM,
fast forward: space travel, get to the moon,
BOOM: monolith.
The third one about Jupiter,
the last thing:

the unknown force moves everything along.

*versification: script: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1CL-GYq_3M&t=601s :
Ashleigh Burton.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].