The copper in turquoise,
the green-patina sea foam,
the sky: metallic rose,
Aphrodite light upon scalloped ridges,
the sea waves sway.
Lucifer falls slowly through the dawn light,
the firebrand raging in the evening:
two torches of heaven —
the witches fly home.
Bonfires of Beltane on the mountains,
celebrate the verdant fields,
the cattle warded between the smoke,
the flowers waltzing under Maypoles,
fertile: the promise of Midsummer.
Fire of young love burns
red like brimstone volcanoes
of crippled Hephaestus
pining for the swan trumpet
fanfare of Love’s arrival.
Fiery flowers of hawthorn
decorate the doorways, fairy
blessings from the May Bush
as spring dew melts in the blazing sun.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].