Levels of Nothingness

No objects
                     [whozits and whatzits galore;
                                     and no, you can’t have more—
                                     but you can have less].
No air
                                   [N2, O2, Ar, CO2, Ne, He, CH4, Kr,
                                     and varying levels of wetness, von
                                     Guericke’s vacuum].
No matter
                                   [condensates: fermionic and Bose-
                                     Einstein; solids, liquids, gases
                                     and quark-gluon plasmas].
No particles
                                   [in six Baskin-Robins, six monochromes,
                                     and one god; quantum excitation of
                                     fields predicted by mathematics,
                                     irreducible and exhibiting Poincaré
                                     symmetries—quantized waves in the
                                     qubit ocean].
No radiation
                                   [Gravity Ripples ’n the Swerving
                                     Micetaps; infrasoundultra, seismic;
                                     particular alpha (α), beta (ß), proton &
                                     neutron cosmicomics; electromagnetic:
                                     radio, micro, infrared, Mr. Roy G. Biv,
                                     ultraviolet, X, and gamma (γ)].
No fields
                                   [classical & quantum into the cauldron:
                                     scalars, vectors, tensors, and spinors;
                                     a falling apple, the flux of Gauss,
                                     wrap in Reynold’s to Stoke the flow;
                                     and to be fair—
                                     blow in a drag of D’Alembert;
                                     covariance of Lorentz to bundle
                                     the bubbles, and to tame the strange,
                                     a little pinch of Lagrange].
No force carriers
                                    [weak and last, W & Z of intermediate
                                     vector, heavier than iron; jumbo pack of
                                     crayons, gluons gathering quarks in
                                     paren; photons, 8.3 minutes from the
                                     sun, a tensor product for Fock state; and
                                     generally relativistic geodesic falling].
No vacuum
                                    [cosmological constants, spacetime
                                     curvature, virtual particles flitting into
                                     and out of existence, foundation of
                                     something, angular jittering- pendulum
                                     space points].
No spacetime
                                     [Minkowski manifolds Euclidean or
                                     pseudo-Riemannian, all relativistic
                                     Cartesian points: x, y, z, and t;
                                     dimensions bidirectional and
                                     unidirectional, all gravitomagnetically
                                     warped inertial frames].
No nonphysical

                                    [emergent minds circuitously thinking
                                     about thinking, philosophies outside
                                     spacetime: souls, spirits, ghosts, gods,
                                     demons; other myths, lore, or legends;
                                     abstracta: mathematics, logic, sets,
No possibilities
                                    [nonactual things from possible worlds
                                     popping in unexpectedly, Chaos (always
                                     a priori), modes within or without reality].
. . . . . . . ?

                                    [none of that either].

*[ WSB ].