The Wet Intermezzo


Meteoric the fanfare,
brash the brass that subsides.

Gathering together the simmering seas,
Pangea spread arid
and flat;

tone poem diminuendo
in geologic movements.

Raindrops dropping monotonous:

drip sizzle thump plop
thunder rumble sigh
fog mist puddle flood
sprinkle splash slide
drip drop drip drop drop
flushing tomtom mud
on and on and on
on   on   on   on   on

splattering the backs of reptiles,
amphibians dunking their heads
to escape this incessant hissing:
fish oblivious.

Eons of ponds.

Then up pop the plants
taller now,
two million years.

The Wet Intermezzo:
enter the dinosaurs that tower,

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].