Workplace Drama


he team is failing,
flailing out of the choreograph
of daily tasking,
and this,
the steps of the routine,
an acting troupe norm,
is all
that management is asking.

Follow the script;
prep for the lines that inform
and equip the action.
Laugh not
at the direction
I am nailing down.
Of this I am certain,
we act not in a comedy for clowns,
for the custodian orders
the borders of schoolery
in this,
our production.

So, raise the curtain,
and suffer not tomfoolery
on this dramatic stage—
a learning mis en scène.
Act to earn your wage.
The emphatic message then:
work and get paid
green currency and coinage gild.
Celebrate these tangible tokens
from the teambuild
and a work aesthetic,
more abstract.

*[ WSB ].