Forms of Writ

Alliteration:Consonant sounds repeated
Assonance:Vowel sounds repeated
Blank Verse: Precision meter, minus rhyme
Diary: Regular self record
Drabble:100-word story
Drebble:75-word story
Dribble:50-word story
Drubble:25-word story
Elegy:Song of sorrow
Epic:Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story verse
Flash Fiction:Brief literature, < 1000 words
Listicle:Charted article
Nonce Poetry: One-Off form opted from one’s own loft
Novel:Prose: 40,000 plus “words, words, words”
Novella:Prose: 17,500-39,999 “words, words, words”
Novelette:Prose: 7,500-17,499 “words, words, words”
Prose:Wrapping words
Prose Poetry:Wrapping poetry
Sestina:Six stanzas, six lines, six rotating end words, and an envoi
Short Story:Prose: < 7500 “words, words, words”
Sonnet:Fourteen lines including a couplet closure
Twaiku:140-character poem
Verse:Lyrical lines