Tin Roof Rusted

tin roof rusted2

A record sun on a cornflake morning,
corrugated, the roof: a goat horning
could fly away but chooses to stay
and call the faithful to pray
| to kneel under rusted tin |
for runnels of rain to drain in the furrows
of fields running past horizons
on display, all that the ruminant surveys
with her television eyes recording.

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Antarctic Forest


Crop Version | Cover of Nature. V580, I7801. 2 April 2020: McKay, James

Fossils of cretaceous forest
found in Antarctic coastal core:
warrants artistic flair foremost
to model the data purest,
else evidence remains dormant;
roots in the core; pollen and spores.
In Antarctica before snow
rainforest moistened swamps below.


My hope is that the illustration will inspire people to find out more about our ancient climate and how it can teach us about the climate change we are going through today.

James McKay

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Václav Levý


You only rejoice in something if you crave it on your own.

František Matouš Klácel

Devils HeadsS

Version | “Devil’s Heads”, rock sculptures by Václav Levý near Želízy: Karel Liebscher

Son of a shoemaker
seeking a carpenter:
more lucrative carver ?;
to ground a weird sculpter.
Get thee to an abbey:
cooking on Dresden fire.
Digression failed to drench
the fires flinting within,
ember remembered in
sandstone relief motifs
of fox fable, snake, and
massive mugs of massif.

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Earth Day [23 April 2020]

50 Earth Day

Clamber after Covid cancels concrete event;
the Begley’s host 24 hours of content
on-line: conversation and calls to action backed
by millions; polluters instead of stewards scold
Francis of the holy ground where everyone
prances; the horn of gore fanfares fossil burning
into the atmosewer; Global Halt the heat
in graffiti from moral muralists; atheletes
press switching4good to greenery groceries;
art streams drive environmental activism;
Earle and Nicklen instagram, opine for ocean
biodiversity: a 24-hour
call from youth et al. to action—to save us all.

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Beacons in the Galaxy



A cadre of international scientists plans
an updated transmission to extraterrestrials:
binary code beamed by waves of radio
[universal across all intelligence levels];
mathematica simplex: zero/one, black/white, yes/no—
and this is how the message ran:
– Bases, binary and decimal; prime numbers + the largest prime
– Mathematical operations |add, subtract, multiply, divide|
– Most common elements |carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur|.
– Deoxyribonucleic structures
– Solar system’s position using globular clusters
– Physics of particles
– Algebraic articles
– Earth composition and characteristics
– Different trademarks humanistic
– Position of Earth in solar depiction
– Geographical survey
– Exponential operations
– An invitation to reciprocate

Not the first intentional heavenly missives;
a century of casting out unintentionals—
just reaching the shallows: not even a nibble.


Hello from the children of Planet Earth.

Nick Sagan

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Cropped version: original photo | Lisi Niesner/Reuters

Lady gorilla of the lowland, Fatou
residing in the Berlin Zoo enjoys fruit-
decorated birthday rice cake, the primate
noted by Guinness as the oldest to date.
Captive old hand from African forest nabbed;
sold by a sailor to cover his beer tab.

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