Chimanimani Park

himanimani peaks
in Mozambique
feature glyphs in the rifts:
dance of the Sans.
Across mountain and meadow
glide ancestral shadows
as conservationist
save the wilderness
in a new park
framed by morning mist
and glimmering dark.


Version: Photograph by Jen Guyton for NY Times | Ana Gledis da Conceição examines a Welwitsch’s bat (Myotis welwitschii)

*[ WSB ].

Haughty Ballroom


   promenade across the room
pink flamingos vie for a groom.
Black beak oblique, stockings yellow,
this is how she wins her fellow.

*[ WSB ].

Math Reason


enses are inadequate
for what occurs;
the sun sets
five minutes after
the curvature.
To document dynamic
reality without static
requires mathematics—
with a slide rule.

*[ WSB ].



Version: Flannery O’Connor in the driveway at Andalusia, 1962. Photo: AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Joe McTyre

No 9


ake me back
musique concrète
to the starkly eponymous,
a sound collage with dialogue.
The myth of the dead Paul.
A bottle of claret
along the way forgotten;
cheeky bitch.
Clouds gather saturnine
in descending scale.
Will you forgive me? M yes.
Thunder bouncing ear to ear,
playful the Danse macabre:
xylophone bones
behind the piper’s tunes.
Organ grinder;
a Welsh rabbit
with sunflower-brown underpants
pants in haste.

As time goes by:
a little bit older,
a little bit slower.
In Hertfordshire
amid a shortage of grain
rattling jewelry ladies enjoy
cocktails, laughter like bells.
Vivace string quartet for the
Humpty Dumpty egg man,
Poe the point of perspective.
Nothing worse than not knowing,
business deals falling through,
juba juba juba:
Das Kapitol.

I informed him on the third night when the cock crew: when fortune falls. Ruse of baby coos. O, untimely death. Did you kids see a bike driven by a mistress? Entangled spokes in the rolling Volks. Right! I’ve missed all of that; it makes me a few days late compared with, like, wow! the walrus and weird stuff like that, company freaks listening backwards on the reel-to-reel. Floral bark. All our fortunes are lost; the Wheel of Fortune turns, the house always wins.

Rogue doctors have
brought this specimen,
petri dish forty-two
courtesy of Ponce de León:
I have nobody’s short-cuts
with the situation:
they are standing still.
The telegraph in remorse code:
sit you down father,
rest you. Alright.

So the wife calls me and we’d better go see a surgeon or whatever to price yellow knickers. So, on any road, we end up seeing the dentist instead, who gave her a pair of teeth which wasn’t any good at all, Polly, griping about the fit. I married, joined the bloody navy and sailed to sea. Block that kick! Block that kick! In my broken chair, my wings are broken and so is my hair. I’m not in the mood for whirling dervishes, fanatic ecstatic.

Hubcap hubbub from the cracking car crash,
Rita lost her hair. M die.
How? Dogs for dogging,
hands for clapping,
birds for birding
and fish for fishing,
them for themming
and when for winning.
Only to find the tenebristic
night-watchman in the song
of the night unaware of the
presence in the building
that no-one stops to watch.

Onion soup.
Industrial output.
Financial imbalance.
Thrusting it between his shoulder blades:
the end is near!—
the Watusi : the Twist
: El Dorado.
Loops of revolution out in
snippets of Sibelius and Schumann:
water-colored sound.
Take this brother,
may it serve you well.
Personality disorder,
maybe it’s nothing.

Maybe even then, exposure could be difficult thing. Crosssection of discontent. It’s quick like the rush for peace is, because it’s so much, all too much. Fifty acorns tied in a sack. Good fishes in the kettle. It was like being naked.

If you become naked . . .

Hold that line!
Block that kick!

*[ WSB ].


medical clipboard

10: essential [Is it?] (primary)
[2nd verse, same as the first–cause unknown.
  As time went by they’d get a little bit
  older and a little bit slower] hypertension
; E78.2: mixed [a cocktail: shaken, not stirred] hyperlipidemia
; K21.9: gastro-esophageal reflux disease without
  esophagitis [the tube within the tube fights back]
; K57.33: diverticulitis of large intestine without
  perforation [pouches but no holes
  in this best of all possible worlds] or abscess
  with bleeding [busted pipes from digging without a permit]
; N40.0: benign prostatic hyperplasia without
  lower urinary tract symptoms [unknown by me !
, I didn’t get the memo]

*[ WSB ].



campfire with no kindling,
no levity to ha!,
feeling blah
in a fog—
in the valley between peaks,
the angles
The drive to survive
not hopeless,
but lacking focus–
every day, midweek.

*[ WSB ].



he counter-culture holiday is the
sum of the first 20 positive integers
[all hail the High School 5].
I haven’t taken drugs — yet;
however, I’m keeping my
options open. Once
my ex called me an asshole
for my conviction:
Drugs Should Be Legal.
She said, ‘everyone would partake,’
I countered, “Would you ?”
Appropriately, the penetrate oil
that un-rusted the gate of my fringe idea
is the “gateway drug” itself.
Half of America think Cannabis
should be legalized,
and 11 states and the District of Columbia
have made it so.
Canada, Georgia, and South Africa
have followed Uraguay.
4:20 post meridiem:)
CELIBRATE dope for dopamine —
squares are rectangular too.

*[ WSB ].