Tohu Wa-Bohu


Formless void, chaos and desolation:
undifferentiated matter and form;
whatsoever, Milton intuited
Chaos as timeless:
the Darkness
alongside the Earth ornament
dangling in space,
a bauble.

The white feathers rustle, then settle, brood:
the dark-nested, watery, cracking egg.
State of the singularity on the edge
of the expanding mainspring of spacetime,
the serpent goddess wakes and unwinds
from the ground-of-being
the lotus crown.

Quantum coils in the water pot,
the storm bolts mete the falling dragon
into the gears on the spindle:
the apportionment of the four elements
onto the bony forces branching
from the primal coccyx
and the chakral spine —

Tohu wa-bohu predates all,
| separate |
from heavens and hells.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].