Nightshade | ‘Second Verse, Same as the First’ |


The cosmic river circuits,
pushing the wisp of welkin;
Kelvin cold hangs heavy
’gainst the bottle-green world.
Violet presses against the edges
as millions repeat mundane cycles;
quarks belie fictions of safety.
Under the sublunary vault
the attuned know loneliness
in another world. Cities wake
as blue scatters across the vault,
the rays fan red into another day;
beneath the world’s edge
Helios drives his fiery stallions west.

Standing alone in purple nightshade.

Ra sails his fiery bark east
from beneath the world’s arc;
the rays fan rose into another day
as Capri sprinkles across heaven
in another world, cities sleep.
The attuned know loneliness
under the celestial vault
quarks build scaffolds of safety
as millions revel in routines;
violet presses against the edges
on the cerulean globe —
Kelvin cold hangs heavy
stretching the skin of sky,
the Oceanus ever circles.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].