Thálatta! Thálatta!


Version | Thálatta! Thálatta!: Bernard Granville Baker

O     shout exultant for the blackened sea
whose dancing crests shimmer in moonlight
before the sun escapes the dragon, bright
across the waves that break against the scree.
Bolts of Zeus, and Sol ultraviolence
stir the cauldron chuckling on mantle fire:
jellyfish umbrella, worms toss in mire,
the fish sprout legs for sundry scientists
to classify. Sails full of salty air
power prows that snip the ocean fabric
for conquest, trade, and mapping the Afric;
for exotic spices and panda bears.
Life bloomed in the swells from trident stirring;
the tide still echoes in blood-flow whirring.

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