*Sad Boy

SAD BOY DEPENDS ON LOLA.   Many days he doesn’t feel like the ole rise and shine, and most likely would rarely get out of bed if not for her.   Lola is his protectress.   She prods him onward for their daily travels of new adventure.   Like a cherub with a flaming sword, she shields him from the riffraff in the alleyways.   Sad Boy does not like people either.

        A bit peckish one day, Lola gets trapped and taken away.   Sad Boy falls apart; depressed.   Fortunately, the humans notice and set Lola free. Reunited—Sad Boy recovers and looks happier every day.SadBoy

*Based on a YouTube story from The Dodo | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyUlM1RAGUE

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