Throw off the light, photons fill the room still:
absorption, emission, at infrared.
Light leaks out, no space is isolated;
photons spill out above absolute nil
from things, any time, with random vectors.
Outside the span of Big Bang creation:
electromagnetic radiation
of radio red past purple vespers.
A quantum wave massless in twisted fields
trips lightly without medium aether,
the fastest speed for any observer,
a constant through the expanding ciel.
Yet thousands of years can mark the pitch
of a photon from the sun’s fiery under,
a bagatelle stumble walk through bumpers.
The split-second flash from flicking a switch
belies the snail-paced slog through immense time;
from darkness, ancient stars were set ablaze.
The eye catches light from the edge of space
thus, history is writ apon the nightsky.

*[ WSB ].