Brought to You by the Letter Q


The qwerty keyboard quotidian,
not worth a qintar, smacks of quackery;
a relic enacted by some quondam
quorum to quiet the quirking of keys,
or to quell the quiddity of Morse code
dit ’n dahs. But one must question quiescence,
for I find no quarter in the quagmire
of this quixotic punching paradigm,
that most find as cozy as qiviut.
Nay! I must quibble against left-handed
overwork—from quickening to quietus.
Quest and query quashed this quizzical layout,
that piqued right down to my sequestered quarks.
Step from the status quo; quit the qwert:
dvorak for quantum equilibrium.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].