Sequential Existence


t he enemy of man.
Concept? Reality?
Does not care.
Does not matter.
Is not matter but affects all.
whether ignored, not noticed,
noticed too much:
pain-fully slow;
all to fast. Gone.
Never soon enough:
all too late.
The pull of the infinite,
far too much—
may I have some more, please sir?
Where did it go? Come back!:
Go away!
Always here—suffocating.
Liberating—tick tock.
Just a bit more, tick
tock, just a little, tick;
can I stay? Tock.
No answer,
never an answer. No one.
No second chance:
once and done.
Use it wisely;
you won’t get any more.
Sometimes, too much,
but I keep going:
you can’t stop;
might as well enjoy the ride,
where it stops: nobody knows.
Does not matter.
Is not matter,
so enjoy it while you can.
Tick. Tock.

Vermillion Whimsy

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].