0 zero


Everywhere nowhere
drones the ground of all being
in didgeridoo
dreamtime. The empty circle
cycles ever with subsets:
a dimensionless
egg with all geometry
enfolded within,
empty plenum of plenty —
the fool at the precipice.

1 one


Source of existence
from the singularity,
light springs from the hum:
the point of no dimension,
period that lights the sun;
the slash of tally
for unary number count,
set of singletons —
from the wellspring of numbers
God emerges from the Void.

2 two


Polar opposites:
duality split from one,
even in degree
and primeness — so also odd;
the binary base echoes
through the digital
age, the timeline back to square one.
The first nucleus
after the roaring laughter
expands behind the shadow.

3 three


Swoops the first odd prime,
resolution from the dove
brooding o’er the deep —
binding quarks for the hadrons.
The simplest polygon is
key for Platonic
solids: faces and angles
that seam the cosmos —
integers from triangle
numbers, shaped from the noblest.

4 four


Smallest composite
counts the bits in a nibble.
The cross and the square
map relative dimensions
and fundamental forces.
The terrestrial
measure with grids and seasons
settles elements
solid ‘neath the crystal wheel:
the tetramorph faces fixed.

5 five


The breath of the gods
distills to stars and planets.
Elixir on earth,
an animus/anima
essence animates the base
extremities led
by the head, pentagonal.
Untouchable odd,
Fibonacci shelf of self—
marriage of gold and silver.



spirit of fire and water:
the two triangles
balanced on scales unmoving,
symmetry of the lily.
Form of the fetus,
a spiral logarithmic
entanglement falls
into honeycomb amber;
nor prime, nor square, yet perfect.



The lyre of Hermes
instructs the lilt of panpipe
for triangle-square
hosannas, a synthesis
of Earth by the hammered sky.
The planet metals
ordered by the heptagram:
the soul of the world
resonates with crystal song—
the crown chakra wakes to dance.

8 eight


Unfolding lotus
within the oktas opaque,
the hourglass snake
lassoes quarks into octets,
vectors surround and stop knot
spiraling down from spacedust
into the first cube,
viral in an upright gait
and a loop of DNA.



The entranced muses
dance in the crystal spheres:
world soul and planets
circling over the mixtured
elements sublunary;
the sons of Saturn
and Corybantic sisters
commune with the sun
rays tripled in Apollo —
the odd square emanation.