Sawdust on the Floor

Mr Kite

Version: The Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal Poster [1843]

A Circus
The big tent buffers the empty skies
that remind of uncertainty and solitude.
Without the hijinks of clowns, wonder dies:

an alternate existence full of disguise.
In seats the gathering folk are glued;
the big tent buffers the immense skies

that swallow the small workaday lives.
Nightly the calliope world is viewed:
Without flaming-hoop tigers, wonder dies,

all the sparkling costumes that mesmerize,
for onlookers thirsty for the magic imbued.
The big tent buffers the empty whys

of sacred grounding or a roll of the dice.
Idling trucks wait for the show to conclude;
without trapeze and high wire, wonder dies.

So the circus goes up for a new town’s eyes;
the humdrum welcomes a gay interlude—
the big tent suffers the endless skies:
without a circus, I wonder what dies ?

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