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rump has pardoned another ally.

Attention shoppers! It’s Black Friday.
Retailers retooling the holiday gimmick
keeping one safe and spending in the pandemic.

Up to speed, go, and onward through the day.



The Supreme Court has sided with religion
in dispute over Covid-19 restriction
differing from previous SCOTUS rulings
on cases akin judged by inverse schooling,
with Chief Justice Roberts joining liberals
but Barrett for Ginsburg weakens the general.
With pandemic numbers rising even more –
a hundred thousand cases a day: the US score
for 24 days straight – countries are adjusting
their winter plans. Germany is encouraging
other EU countries to shut down ski slopes
around Christmas to keep plague on the ropes.


Michael Flynn

Twitter Trump announcement regarding Michael Flynn:
retired lieutenant general issued a pardon.
To the FBI, Flynn was a liar,
serving as national security advisor,
a major figure in the probe of Russian
interference in the ’16 election.
Trump touts him as a symbol at rallies.
Trump also pardoned Roger Stone, an ally
in investigation, and these acts of clemency
will color the President’s legacy.
Despite this early release from corrections,
Biden’s Justice Department might have more questions.


version: Joachim Tiedemann

Election 2020

President Trump said for the first time: he will go —
if the Electoral College votes for Joe,
bolstering confidence in a peaceful transition,
something that should be a foregone conclusion.
The President said he will travel to Georgia
to shore up the Senate as a fortress
against the democrats free of gridlock.
Meanwhile, Biden weighs Trump’s security roadblocks
that lockdown highly sensitive information,
like perfect phone calls with dictator nations,
calls previously shared with broad audience
possessing top-security clearance.


In Turkey, hundreds sentenced to life in prison
for treason — only 70 were acquitted.
400 defendants got at least one life sentence
stemming from coup activity and violence.
Turkish President Recep Erdogan
accused Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen,
living in the US, of masterminding
the events. Gulen denied this finding;
still, a hundred thousand of his adherents
have been arrested by the government.
Down on the news media, Turkey has cracked.
Country split; civil service workers sacked.


CITGO 6, US oil executives – busted
in 2017 for corruption –
have been found guilty by the court and sentenced
to between 8 and 13 years in prison.
The verdicts meted continue a saga
beginning years ago when called to Caracas
for last-minute budgeting. When present,
armed agents arrested them on embezzlement:
a never-executed bond subsidy
for a 50% stake in the company.
CITGO is ‘distressed to read this outcome’:
to free the men, they stand: beating the drum.


breakfast browse
People are talking. Read up. Clock in.

College basketball season is now underway
The goal? March Madness next year by playing ball safe.

Drake and The Weeknd: Grammys ‘may no longer matter’
because the academy snubbed the latter.

Whole Foods sent an ominous email to some shoppers
on Thanksgiving. Turkey thrown in their hoppers
belong to a small number not meeting the height
of quality. This does not whet the appetite.

When Johnny Depp’s libel suit against The Sun stalled
Mads Mikkelsen’s replacement of Depp was called
for ‘Fantastic Beasts’—Hannibal, meet Grindelwald.

The Rockettes perform wearing Covid masks
The flawless precision of the dancing task?
— Legendary. In masks and soldier hats.

in memoriam

Diego Maradona died on Wednesday;
the Argentine soccer legend’s age was 60.
Considered one of the greatest to play the game
In Argentina, his is a household name.
President Alberto Fernandez informed
for his passing—three days the nation will mourn.


Is number of employees Disney will lay off
by March, 4,000 more than first announced for cost
Disney has also warned it may need reduction
of conferral to pensions and film production.


“Keep the faith. We’re going to get through all of this, and we will be a better society because of it.”

Alex Trebek, in posthumous Jeopardy! for Thanksgiving.
Cancer took the beloved host from the living.

and finally . . .

It’s beginning to look a lot like …
If only all trimming had time-lapse drive
like this Rockefeller tree.
(Click here to see.)


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