Behind the Seams

Cartwright called for harder balls
that bounded the rounder pentagon
for balls based in diamond walls.

Cork distilled in rubber pills,
a spine, woolen twine gets spinned upon
after drums reel and latex spills:

a core bound; wool looping ’round
fattens from plies of batten bended on,
made sound by a waxing yarn crown,

so it springs back when it’s pinged
ofttimes. This center’s last lines are pinned on;
thin strings plane all the plotted rings.

A press creates figure eights
with hollows to follow when mended on,
once the freighted centers gyrate

in vats of pitch; time to stitch
one o eight through lemniscate: denouement,
a twitch for V’s on the ridge.

“League” is marked on the leather stark:
from prep to the last step sine qua non
for arcs and groundballs at the park.

RedBoxPlainSm*[ WSB ].